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Boiler Problems? Why Powerflushing Could Help You This Winter

Posted on by ACR Heating

As the cold of winter starts to set in, and we start to see sub-zero temperatures, frost on the ground and our breath in the air, more of us will be firing up our central heating system more frequently and for much longer. After a period of little to no use during the summer months and occasional heating in the early autumn, now is the time when boiler problems often start to rear their heads.

Whether you’re noticing unusual noises coming from your boiler or its pump, keep finding cold spots on radiators and have to bleed them all too frequently, or your heating system just isn’t working as efficiently as it once was, then blockages could be to blame – and that’s where powerflushing can come in.

Powerflushing – Clearing Sludge & Boosting Circulation

Powerflushing is an incredibly effective technique used for improving a central heating system’s circulation by removing the build-up of sludge and corrosion deposits which can appear in the pipework over time – something which is particularly prevalent in hard water areas such as the Warwick, Solihull and general West Midlands area that we work in.

These deposits of sludge and debris can have an adverse effect on the flow rates and can even lead to corrosion and long term damage of your boiler or central heating system. To remedy this, powerflushing utilises powerful water streams to remove sludge and corrosion build-up – we do this with the use of a special slow reversal device to ensure the most effective removal possible without causing damage to your boiler or heating system. The water used is also treated with chemicals to provide extended protection against corrosion, reducing the risk of future issues.

How ACR Heating Solutions Can Help

As professional heating engineers with years of experience in the trade, we here at ACR Heating Solutions can arrange boiler checks and servicing, including thorough powerflushing, to help get your boiler and central heating working effectively and efficiently this winter.

If you’re noticing symptoms of an inefficient boiler, such as poor circulation or unusual and concerning noises not present previously, then our powerflushing services may be able to help. We can assess and survey your boiler to ensure that it’s the best possible solution, before scheduling in a service at a time to suit you.

For more information, or to book in your powerflushing services, simply call us today on 01926 420 343. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us via email using our website’s online contact form.


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