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Why is Aga Servicing So Important?

Posted on by ACR Heating

The Aga Cooker was developed in the late 1920s in Sweden and quickly found its way to Britain. This immense range cooker found popularity with the owners of medium to large country houses who installed the cookers; appreciating the warmth offered by the constantly running apparatus. Aga’s main selling point is their extreme durability, with a lifespan of fifty years or more being fairly commonplace. In 2009, a Daily Telegraph contest to find the oldest working Aga was won by one that had been installed in 1932 – an impressive 77 years before! Modern Aga’s now run on electricity, taking a mere twenty-odd minutes to warm up, compared to the old-fashioned ones which needed a full six hours to get up to cooking heat, which is ideal for modern families who do not want to have their Aga running full time.

Maintenance Schedule

Regular servicing of your Aga is important, for three main reasons. The first reason is to keep your Aga running at optimum function. If you have had your Aga for some time, you will already know that the running costs can fluctuate dramatically. With this in mind, making sure that you have your Aga serviced regularly is a good way to save money and keep running costs as low as possible.

Safety First

Guarantee the safety of your home and all of your loved ones in it by making sure that your Aga is serviced frequently (every six or twelve months).

Cost Effective

Having an experienced technician look over your Aga on a regular basis will actually save you money in the long term because small and minor issues will be quickly picked up and rectified before they turn into major problems that require a great deal of time and money to fix. Correcting small problems can also make sure that you are not losing any valuable fuel through small cracks and leaks – which could potentially be very dangerous if not sorted out promptly!

At ACR Heating Solutions, we pride ourselves of being able to meet all your Aga Cooker needs, from installation to repairs and servicing. Our fully trained and friendly team are experts in their field and are able to quickly identify and fix your Aga issue at a time to suit you, so give us a call today or use our online contact form; we are waiting to help you!


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